My Father’s Love

I know You delight in me Father

Though hard to comprehend

Your Word tells me You smile upon me

So many times  I need that reassurance

I need to curl up in Your lap

And gaze into Your face

You are my Abba

You comfort me

 You strengthen me

You give me direction and peace

But when I need to be reminded

of how very much You love me

It’s not Your smiling face I need to see

But Your bloodied and battered body

Hanging upon the tree

Though You did not remain in the tomb

When I look to that cross

It is then I see

How very much You truly do love me.




Always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father.  Ephesians 5:20

            In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.                     1Thessalonians 5:18


This is something I posted on Facebook over a year ago.  I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed again with so much going on right now, and I needed this reminder.  I hope it may speak to your heart as well.


A never ending “to do” list, health problems, family issues, an overflowed toilet, crayon on the walls… the list can go on and on. It seems like there are too many demands and so little time. It’s easy to get caught up in life’s trials and irritations and become ugly (What? Am I the only one?!). But it’s all part of this crazy, wonderful life we are given.

When we grumble and complain (which Philippians 2:14 tells us not to do), and have a negative attitude, we have fallen asleep to God’s beauty, good, and blessings all around us. Robert Louis Stevenson got it right when he said, “The man who forgets to be thankful has fallen asleep in life.” If we truly believe God is sovereign… that He is over all, and in control of all, we cannot help but rejoice. Maybe not in the overflowed toilet – but in Him, and the transforming work He is doing in us.

Don’t fall asleep to life today. Wake up to all God has for you in this day, every minute detail of it. I dare you. Be thankful for all of it. Carpe Diem! It may even make you do cartwheels – or at least wish you could!


Be Blessed,






“The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

Proverbs 16:9

Lighted path Since I have said “yes” to the Lord on this writing  journey, it is proving to be harder than I ever imagined.  I do love what I’m doing.  But to take it seriously, and be obedient to what He has called me to do, I cannot just write when I feel like it.  I cannot just wait until inspiration strikes.  I cannot even just write what I want to or think I should, if I want to write the words that God wants me to write.  Therein lies my purpose; to teach, encourage, and point others in the direction of Jesus. Otherwise, as I have said before it is only jibber jabber.

There is also the point of goal setting and scheduling.  Like they say; “If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time.”  So I am trying to write and post on Wednesdays (or sometimes Thursdays), so my readers (all 4 or 5 !) know when to count on it being posted.  Also it forces me to write and not just keep putting it off.  Two weeks ago I posted what was to be a two part post on our speech…the power of our words.  I posted on Facebook last night that I was struggling with it.  A faithful friend admonished me to show myself some grace.  I thank her for that, because I’m not real good at cutting myself some slack.  When I have committed to do something, I don’t like feeling like I’m not working diligently enough.  I don’t like feeling irresponsible.  I don’t like feeling like I’m giving up.  But this is not about what I like or don’t like.  It is about what God wants.  So this morning I have been doing a bit more talking with Him, trying to discern if this is Satan hindering me, or God wanting me to do something different.

I was frustrated because I know God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor.14:33).  I said; “Jesus, you are my Shepherd, so I am supposed to hear and know Your voice!  What is going on with what I’m trying to write?  Why can’t I write this?!”  First word I “heard”…”Trust”.  I do trust Him, so I kept listening.  He reminded me of a couple examples when I most definitely did not use my speech righteously.  Yea, yea He was gracious and only reminded me of a couple…there’s more than I care to admit or remember.  The words we speak are so very important; negative, positive, useful or useless.  I think He’s telling me there is so much more to it than a two part blog post.  He may be telling me it is more than I’m ready for right now.  It may be just as simple as listening to, and obeying HIS leading and direction, rather than my own.  Make plans…but be flexible I need to get out of my own head (and be so faithful in prayer) in order to stop feeling like I’m slacking when it’s God simply doing what I’ve asked…giving me the words HE wants me to write.

For those of you who take the time to read this blog, I am so thankful for you and my heart is full of love for you.  Honestly.  Each and every one of us is fighting one kind of battle or another on any given day.  If I can say even one thing to make you smile or encourage your heart even a little as you go through your days, then I am humbled and grateful.  Please know you are prayed for.


Keeping my gaze toward the Son,


Monday Moments

“From the end of the earth I will cry to You when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”                    Psalm 61:2

Beauty in Every Day

Have you ever had a Monday that just comes out swinging…before you’ve even rubbed the sleep from your eyes or had a cup of coffee?  Mercy!  This week greeted me with one of those Mondays.  It took every ounce of self-discipline I have in me, and major portions of God’s grace (which He promises is sufficient for me!), to stay calm and carry on.  Anyone who knows me well knows that the past few years I have gotten so I cannot multitask well at all.  Blame it on the Fibro…meno…age…whatever.  I simply get overwhelmed when too many things happen at once, and I can’t deal with it all.  Then all to easily, the tension and anxiety try to take over.  I’ve had it with it.  Really, I have.  Though it is a pain (literally), God has allowed this Fibromyalgia to be part of my life.  We all age, and with age comes issues.  I’m just tired of feeling like a rattled wimp.  The reality is that I can not do many of the things I used to, and the stamina is not there, but God still intends for me to live a victorious life…over my issues…an abundant life…in spite of my issues.  So, there was a lot of chatter going on here this past Monday.  A lot of speaking God’s word out loud. A lot of reminding God of His promises…that He tells me His grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect in my weakness.  There was a lot of just stopping and breathing, remembering that He is in control of it all.

Along with the March winds, the winds of change are beginning to blow around here.  It’s good change, very good.  But any change shakes up our paradigm.  It’s not what we are used to.  Especially when you like routine and order.  Who? Me?  Nothing is supposed to stay the same forever.  That would get boring.  Change can be exciting; especially when you know, and can see God’s hand in it all.  I want to enjoy every moment God blesses me with.  I want to be the blessing to those around me.  I want to marvel at how God is going to work all this out.  I may not have the energy or strength to keep up with it all like I’d like to, but where God leads, He also provides…all we need.

I can choose to let His peace prevail, or be a stressed mess.  I have to surrender my tendencies to need everything on order, and  just “let it go”!  I need to live Philippians 4, and rejoice in the Lord always…don’t be anxious for anything…take everything to Him in prayer…be thankful…and His peace that is beyond understanding will keep my heart and mind through Christ Jesus.  He promises in Isaiah 40:31, when we wait on Him…rest, trust in Him, that our strength will be renewed, we will not be weary.

Are the March winds blowing any changes your way?  Hide God’s word in your heart.  Take everything to Him in prayer.  He will strengthen and sustain you. He keeps His promises.