Choosing To See the Miracles

“They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.”   Psalm 65:8

DSCN0182     This verse was in my devotional book this morning, along with this small paragraph:

     “How do you respond to the arrival of each new morning?  Are you amazed by each new day you’ve been granted, or do you …. growl at anyone or anything that disturbs you?”

     That’s a good question.  We all have a choice.  Each one of us has our own set of circumstances that we have to deal with.  But when we know Christ as our Savior, our life is so much more than our circumstances.  If we opened our eyes and took a breath this morning, then we get to praise Him!

     When was the last time you were in awe of the glorious sunrise (or in my case, sunset!) that He painted across the sky for you?  Yes.  YOU!  Or maybe the magnificent little hummingbird that shows up to feed on the nectar of your flowers each day?  Those tiny miracles fascinate me.  Have you praised God for those birds outside your bedroom window that wake you with their song each morning…even if you want to sleep?  Maybe it’s the cries of your hungry baby that interrupt what you are doing, but you praise God for those little lungs that can wail!  Or the bleary eyed, tousled hair toddler that comes stumbling out to greet you.

We are surrounded with miracles each and every day.  We just need to stop and notice them.

     That puts things into perspective a little bit, doesn’t it?  We all get our feelings hurt…or heart broken.  We all get disappointed, angry, exhausted and impatient.  But friend, don’t stay parked there.  Don’t waste precious time and energy on emotions that drain and deplete your spirit.  Be thankful for the gift of another day in which you get to praise Him and live for Him.  Don’t let circumstances cloud your eyesight so you fail to see the miracles all around you.

Friends, I’m preaching to myself.  Awhile back, I got my feelings horribly hurt.  I spent two or three days crying my eyes out and begging God to make the pain of my heart go away, and intervene in the situation.  I was praying the Psalms and asking God to protect my mind…you know, how that tape in your head gets stuck on repeat and you just can’t seem to get it to stop?

I was sharing the situation with a friend, and this friend looked right at me and said; “You’re allowing this person to do this to you.”  What?!  But it was true.  I had wasted almost three days allowing that hurtful situation to consume me and cloud my vision…my perspective.  I could:

Choose to see

Choose to be thankful

Choose to praise Him

    That is not denying the situation.  It’s not pretending that we aren’t feeling those very real emotions.  What it is doing is giving God control of the situation.  It is opening our hands and releasing it to Him.  He then can fill our open hands…and hearts with what we so desperately need;

 His peace.

     Speaking of hands, I want to remind you.  I want you to know.  Whatever is happening in your life right now…if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, God the Father has your name inscribed…engraved…permanently tattooed on the palms of His hands.  He does! (See Isaiah 49:15-16).  That’s how much He loves you!  No matter who has hurt or rejected you, no matter what trial you are in the midst of, God the Father has your name engraved on the palms of His hands.  And not just one hand – both hands!

     So dear one, get up…step outside…look up…take a breath…and Praise Him!  Praise Him for who He is.  Thank Him for all He has given you to richly enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17).  Thank Him for carrying your name…and you…in the palms of His hands.

     Life is too short loved ones, to live it depleted and defeated.  God wants His children to live victoriously through Him.

You are loved

You are blessed

Enjoy all you have, and all you are in Him.

Praying for you Dear Friends.




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