Friends, Here Is A Must Read!

Okay, so for now this has taken over the top of the reading stack.



Emily P. Freeman’s new book is a must read for anyone who is tired of the bigger is better, hurry up world we live in, and is longing to see the value, importance and meaning right in front of us in our small, everyday moments.

Her soft spoken words and genuine heart shine through in her writing.  I have already highlighted, dog-eared pages and cried, because she has pierced my heart with words that show exactly how I have thought and felt…and that was only from the introduction!

Her transparency and love for Jesus make me want to stop striving and just let Jesus have more of me….and sit on the bench with a cup of coffee and long chat with her!

I’m sorry, but you can’t borrow my copy.  This one, like Ann Voskamp’s  One Thousand Gifts, is going to stay with me for a long time!

If you haven’t already, order your copy or run out and buy one today.  You will be so glad you did.

I should probably say that this is an unsolicited review…I’m just so excited about it! 🙂


Happy reading!



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