Monday Moments

DSCN0038Sometimes, uneventful Mondays are just what is needed.  When the day is quiet and unassuming, maybe that is when we should be most thankful.  Thankful for what we do have, as well as what we don’t have.  When days are quiet and just routine, then there is no crisis we have to deal with.  That’s a good thing.

Oh there has been plenty to do today.  We returned Sunday evening after ten days away.  My husband finished unloading the RV today, and I looked around in dismay.  You’d think we had been gone a month!  As was expected I’m completely exhausted after the trip, but I will pace myself and deal with it.   Adding to the mix, I also brought some kind of respiratory virus home with me….

But God…..

God is still, and always good.  Psalm 136:1

God knows my need.  Philippians 4:19

God is ready and willing to guide me – when I listen and obey His plans, not my own.  Proverbs 3:5-6

It rained all the way home and has been raining since.  I really need some sunshine.  I thrive on sunshine.  It elevates my mood, increases my energy, and just makes me happy!  But as I sat looking out at the rain andDSCN3086 listening to the gentle dripping on the gazebo, I was reminded.  I was reminded of how we need the rain…along with the sun.

We need the rain to water the garden, to water the earth.  Watering the soil gives life and helps things to grow, to be beautiful and fruitful.  As it is still raining today, spend some time allowing the living water of the Word to water the thirsty garden of your soul.  You will grow and flourish and show the beauty of the Son to those around you.

So how about you?  What are you recognizing in your Monday moments?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Drinking in the Word with you!



2 thoughts on “Monday Moments

  1. This year it seems I walk from crisis to crisis. And of course I also have the virus, the constant cough. Last night I could hardly sleep for all the coughing.
    My trip home was delayed by two days. But in that delay I looked for what was needed around me. My grandson attended his new preschool class on Monday. I went early to his class to see how he was doing. Change is hard for him.
    In his class I recognized the newbies easily — all fish out of water.
    And so I went outside to play with the kids at recess and I started to dig a hole in the sandbox with my grandson. Soon others joined in because they wanted to know what we were doing. Soon lots of shovels joined in.
    My grandson was happy. That meant so much to me.
    My sister has an upcoming surgery and should be healthy walking into it. I didn’t make it home (I live with her) on Monday because I missed the train. On Tuesday I didn’t make it because I had gotten the virus from this family and didn’t want to spread it to my sister too.
    Sometimes God works through our mistakes and then sometimes He directs us out of calamity.
    Lots of emotional rain this year — but I see His hand still guiding me.
    It’s more than positive thinking because rain isn’t always positive.
    It’s knowing that we are His and that He is trying always to help us.
    I sat still more today than I have been and reviewing in my mind His hand throughout this year.
    He is a good God. He wants good for us. And He’s continually working through us for others salvation.
    Keep looking up and thanks for being here.


    • Oh Sandi, I’m sorry for all the “emotional rain”. It is never easy. I too have had a good bit of that this year! But like you, I have seen His hand. I have always learned something through those hard times. Sometimes it’s just the reminder that He is here with me…that is all…and that is enough. If you had left when you were supposed to, you would have never had that precious time with your grandson! God knew that you needed to help that precious little one that day. Not to mention that you were already carrying the virus and He prevented you taking it home to your sister. Yes, we have so many blessed moments. We just need to slow down and notice them. Thank you for commenting. You are an encouragement to me. I’m always here for you. Praying you will soon feel well.


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