What Do You Aspire To?

My heart is truly troubled.  This is more of an opinion than a devotion, so I am not looking for comments, and I most definitely will not engage in any debates.  But I have to share my heart, and I just pray that it may give someone some good food for thought.

Over the past several decades women have chased their dreams.  They have fought for success as they’ve struggled to raise their families and/or advance in their careers.  Women have become entrepreneurs, philanthropists, corporate leaders, doctors, law enforcement officers, attorneys and heads of state.  Women have fought to have opportunities and the respect they deserve.

It’s the women whose body goes under tremendous changes emotionally and mentally, along with difficult physical changes to carry a growing life within her.  She carries that precious life within her until it is ready to burst forth from the safety of his/her mother’s womb into the light of day.  Then the real work begins!

Women are strong, resilient, and keep on pressing forward, even when we feel we cannot take one more step.  Women teach their daughters to reach for the stars, to set the bar high then aim to grasp ahold of it.  They instill in their daughters that they can do anything they set their minds to.  Woman are to be admired, respected and loved.

All of that has been reduced to rubble almost overnight…by one word.


Suddenly smart, intelligent women are posting images and proudly wearing t-shirts displaying the word.  All this in support for their political candidate who was called a “nasty woman” by her opponent.  The fact that smart and successful women would display the word “Nasty” like some kind of badge of honor, I find deplorable…and sad.  Women, you are so much better than that.  You are worth so much more than that.  Your daughters are worth so much more than that.

The Bible has plenty to say about the worth of women.  One of the best examples is the Proverbs 31 woman.  This woman is married, but she has many qualities for all women to aspire to.

We find that she is trustworthy.  She does good by her husband and not evil – she treats him well.  She has skill and she works hard.  She gives of herself to care for her family as well as her servants.  She shows concern for them.

In the time this was written in the ancient world, there were many restrictions placed on women.  So it is remarkable to see that she herself would buy, sell, then build her own resources from the profits.  From those profits we see that she not only took care of her own, but she also remained concerned for others and gave to the poor.  Her husband held a prominent place in the city gates as an elder.  We can gather that part of his status came from his wife’s reputation, not just his own.  Then we see:

Strength and honor are her clothing.

She opens her mouth with wisdom.

She speaks with kindness.

That my friends is what we as women should aspire to.  Don’t ever lower yourself, and wear the word “Nasty”, or any other word like that as some kind of badge of honor in defense of anyone.  You are worth more than that.  You’ve worked too hard and come to far.  Mostly dear sister, you were created for a purpose.  And that purpose is a much higher calling.

“A gracious woman retains honor…”  Proverbs 11:16a

I just got a new pair of comfy pajamas. The pants are pink with little cups of cappuccinos all over them.  The top is grey with the words;dscn3562

“Make today Beautiful”

I aspire to be a woman of  Grace who seeks to make each day Beautiful.

I hope you do as well.




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